Due to the cyclical variation of diesel fuel prices in the recent months, it has been necessary to introduce transparent calculation methods than can be used for raising or lowering the cost of transport in accordance with the fluctuating prices of diesel fuel. The following table has been created for our clients as a suitable way of calculating the costs of transport in relation to the fuel market prices.

The calculation has been made in the following way:

The decrease or increase of the price depends on the costs of fuel (excluding VAT) of the previous month. The varying prices of each month of the year 2016 and 2017 are shown on the following graph: Dieselfloater 2018-2019

The above data have been taken directly from the Ministry of Economic Developement (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico) and can be seen in the website


When the fluctuating price remains between 75.01 and 100.00 cents/litre (the highlighted orange area in the table) there will be no alteration of transport costs. Higher or lower prices of the aforementioned figures will receive either an increase or reduction of 1% for everey 5 cents/litre.



  • buying price of diesel fuel   76,3 Euroean cents/€ = 0% of additional charges on the cost of transport
  • buying price of diesel fuel   72,5 Euroean cents/€ = -1% of additional charges on the cost of transport
  • buying price of diesel fuel 112,9 Euroean cents/€ = 3% of additional charges on the cost of transport