Brigl Trento’s branch strengthens its presence in the area and from Monday, May 15, moves from Via Praga to Via Linz, still in Spini di Gardolo, where the company – which specializes in freight transport, domestic and international, integrated logistics, air and sea freight forwarding, customs operations and consulting – has built its new headquarters. The goal is to better combine operations, proximity to companies and attention to environmental and social sustainability, in order to provide an increasingly efficient and functional service to our customers.

Eva Maria Mitterhofer, CEO and Owner of Brigl Spa, highlights that about six years after opening the branch in Spini di Gardolo, the “company has become a point of reference for companies, thanks in part to the possibility of guaranteeing the tertiary sector and industry fixed daily connections from Trento to Bolzano. This gratifies us, but at the same time it instills in us greater responsibility to our customers, to whom we offer reliability, personalized assistance and a constant direct line. With Brigl they have the possibility of having in this way a single point of contact, compared with a complete range of services in the supply chain.”

Mitterhofer emphasizes that Brigl is “very tied to the Trentino area. A beautiful place to visit, but complex for those who work in logistics, due to the lack of space to be allocated to storage and handling of goods. We are therefore proud of this important investment, which testifies to Brigl’s closeness to an economic reality with strong potential. The demand for third-party logistics has greatly increased, and we aim to support businesses even more with our services. With these intentions, also in view of the important and imminent milestone of our company’s 100th anniversary, we have chosen to build a real logistics hub, with additional space for employees and a warehouse that is spread over a site of about 10,500 square meters in total, 5,400 of which are covered, capable of meeting the needs of companies, under the banner of creating new business opportunities for industries and the service sector. All under the banner of environmental and social sustainability, with a focus on technological innovation and digitization of processes and workflows.

The Trento office employs more than a dozen people, including clerical and warehouse staff, plus traveling personnel. “The offices on Via Linz are available to provide more information about the solutions offered by the Brigl branch in Trento. Our desire is to always be at the side of our customers. We are aware that we have a great tradition behind us, in an area to which we are very attached. This pushes us to always try to be one step ahead, to ensure maximum support for companies in the area,” concludes Brigl’s CEO and Owner.